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Submit Photos
Baseball photos can be submitted via email to the website for posting as we receive them. The email message should include the team level and date taken in order to properly categorize the images.  

Photographs should be less than 250K in size. Larger photographs should be reduced down before submitting them to the website. Software is available to help reduce photograph/image sizes. Some MS-Windows operating systems, like XP, can do this for you very easily. See instructions below.

Instructions using Windows XP:

1. Create a new (empty) folder on the computer hard drive.

2. Place all the images to be submitted into the new empty folder.

3. Open the folder and a menu system should appear on the left hand side of the folder window.

4. Using the top window menu bar, select "Edit" and "Select All". The images in the folder should all be highlighted or selected now.

5. A new menu bar will open on the left side of the window, click on "Email the selected items".

6. Another window will appear to email the images as same size or smaller. Select "Make all my pictures smaller". This will automatically reduce all the selected images to files smaller than 100K in size. 

7. Next, your MS-Outlook or MS-Outlook express will load and prompt you for an email address. Enter the address below and press send.

Send images to:

All images should be sent to



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